Figures and Illustrations for Scientific Publications

Are you a life scientist looking to get figures and illustrations for scientific publications made? Then you’re in the right place! My name is Anne, I have a PhD in biology and just love to make science visually enjoyable. My clients range from PhD students to post-docs to group leaders. Check out these illustrations I made for their PhD theses, papers, reviews and grant proposals! To learn more about my skills, visit Who I Am.

Why should you work with me?

Because I understand science, I understand your work and can think along with you. If you send me your paper or review, I can help you come up with ways to translate your work into a figure. If we’re on a video call, you won’t need to scramble to try and explain complex scientific findings in layman’s terms. I will also never, ever send you cringe-worthy stock images that perpetuate clichees. (We’ve all seen the rotating double helix on a computer monitor whenever crime TV series sequence DNA…)

That’s why I’m the right choice for anyone looking for a graphic designer to make figures and illustrations for scientific publications.

Contact me to get your figure made!