Software I use

I can show you basic to intermediate techniques in the following programs (starred programs I have installed on my own computer):

Vector graphicsLayoutPresentation2D Animations
Adobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignMicrosoft PowerPoint*Microsoft PowerPoint*
CorelDRAWScribus*Apple KeynoteSynfig Studio*
Inkscape* Apache OpenOffice Impress*
LaTeX beamer*,1

1A word about LaTeX beamer:
I am a LaTeX geek when it comes to typesetting, I absolutely adore it. BUT I found it impractical for presentations, for the following reasons:
There are no real animations possible. If an image is to be revealed in several steps, all versions of that image need to be saved separately. Also, any kind of actual movement on the slide is only achievable by embedding a video. When explaining complex biological processes, moving images can go a long way! And embedding videos in the PDF can be tricky, especially when you play your presentation on a different computer.
Hence, I stongly disadvise the use of LaTeX beamer for the life sciences, but if you insist on using it, we can probably make it work.