Group Courses

Below you may find a short summary of what I can teach you about presenting scientific data. I can focus on all and any of these topics, the courses can be configured according to the group’s needs.

Every course will be a mix of theory and practice. Here’s a brief overview of what the practical exercises might look like: For general presentation coaching, participants prepare short talks, with or without presentation software. In those, they focus on the Do’s of presenting – or on the Dont’s, to mix things up. I will film participants so the group can give detailed feedback and everyone can take their work home and practice their skills at leisure. Furthermore, we will watch brief talks given by professionals, i.e. on YouTube, and discuss everyone’s most and least favourite styles and techniques.
In longer-lasting courses, I work on a particular presentation (a defense, a conference talk) or poster with the participants, helping them define the outline, select suitable data, find a style they like, etc. And, quite importantly, I will tackle issues such as stage fright, excessive use of fillers, answering audience questions, and others.

The theory

  • drafting a logical outline
  • creating your introduction as a solid foundation
  • the results: convincing vs. overwhelming
  • building a plausible conclusion

The practice

  • how to design a well-balanced slide or poster: text vs. figures
  • how to sensibly use animations in talks
  • colors, sizes, and fonts

The psychology and physiology of talking to an audience

  • breathing and other techniques to tackle stage fright
  • tactics to avoid fillers („er…“, „uh…“)
  • what to do when you can’t answer a question
  • body language
  • simple vocal exercises